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Muffler Exhaust Repair: Do You Know How Important Your Muffler Really Is?

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Your vehicle’s exhaust and muffler system are important. They help keep your vehicle quiet, and most importantly, keep harmful emissions from entering your vehicle. The components of your vehicle’s exhaust system are worn down over time from climate and normal road conditions; therefore, it is important to have them inspected annually and when damaged, repaired right away. Why is it Important to Have a Muffler and Exhaust System Serviced? Bringing your vehicle in for auto repair in Edmonton may seem like an unnecessary task if everything seems to be working well and you have no problems while driving. Maintaining your muffler and exhaust system is, however, critical. These systems protect you from carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and any pollutants released into the atmosphere from your engine. The muffler and exhaust system itself does a lot, including:

  • Directing harmful engine-exhaust away from the interior of the car

  • Reduces the pollutants that your vehicle emits into the atmosphere

  • Minimizes the amount of engine and exhaust noise you hear coming from your vehicle

You should have your exhaust system inspected at least once a year. It is easy for a skilled mechanic to know if your system needs repair and sometimes there are underlying emissions system issues that you may not be aware of. Things like pinholes, stuck valves and even catalytic converter malfunctions in the exhaust system could allow carbon monoxide to creep into your vehicle. Signs Your Vehicle’s Muffler or Exhaust System Needs Repair Sometimes your vehicle’s exhaust will make noises that let you know it is time for Edmonton auto repair services. Some signs it may be time for a repair or replacement include:

  • You notice louder exhaust noises than your car typically makes.

  • You notice a rattling noise coming from your car while it is sitting still, which may mean you have a catalytic converter issue.

  • Your vehicle’s bottom struck pavement or rocks and since the incident occurred, it has been making unusual noises.

  • You may notice your vehicle struggles to accelerate up to higher speeds.

  • Your vehicle is not equipped with a stainless steel exhaust system which is designed to last longer.

Because your muffler and exhaust systems are so critical, you should bring your vehicle to a repair centre that specializes in these systems. Action Muffler Radiator & Brakes can help you diagnose odd noises coming from your vehicle’s exhaust and muffler as well as perform routine maintenance to help you get maximum years from your system. Bring your vehicle in for auto tune-ups in Edmonton or for exhaust repairs at one of our three convenient locations in Edmonton. You can also contact us online with your questions and concerns about muffler/exhaust systems.


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