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Action Muffler: Your Specialists in Radiator Repair in Edmonton!

The Role of Your Car Radiator

Your vehicle’s radiator has a critical function: it keeps your engine at a moderate temperature level, which prevents it from failing due to excess heat. The tricky part about recognizing radiator issues is that they can be notoriously subtle. Our experts at Action Muffler recommend that you take a few moments to familiarize yourself with the following warning signs of a faulty radiator; knowing what to look for will allow you to identify the problem in time to make it to one of our 3 convenient locations for radiator repair in Edmonton.

What Happens When Your Radiator Breaks Down?

  • It overheats: A faulty radiator will usually trigger a rise in your vehicle’s operating temperatures, which could cause your engine to completely break down. Overheating is a common symptom that’s associated to various other engine problems. However, if you notice signs of overheating during acceleration or when coming to a full stop after driving at a high speed, you could be dealing with a failing radiator. Call us right away to schedule a checkup. When it comes to radiators in Edmonton, Action Muffler is the name you should know.
  • It leaks coolant: The radiator’s main function is to disperse excess heat from your car’s liquid coolant, after which the coolant is returned to the engine in order to maintain an ideal temperature, before looping back to the radiator in a continuous process. If the radiator fails or is cracked, the liquid may start to leak, which you should notice when your car is parked. However, keep in mind that fluids leaking from your vehicle don’t necessarily mean that your radiator is at fault. For this reason, it’s best to have one of our Action Muffler specialists in radiator repair in Edmonton take a look at it.

Trust Action Muffler with Your Radiators in Edmonton

Don’t wait until your engine breaks down to give us a call for all your radiator problems. We repair both domestic and foreign cars. We provide fast and reliable radiator repair in Edmonton. Come see us and we’ll have you back on the road in no time!

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