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What You Must Know about Auto Maintenance - Keep Your Car Running Smooth Year Round

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Your car gets you from one place to the other, and it may be your family’s sole source of transportation. With all that you demand from your car, are you taking the right steps to prevent it from breaking down in the future? While manufacturer instructions may seem to spread out maintenance appointments quite generously, it is important to listen to your car and maintain it based on how and how much you drive it. Tips for Preventative Maintenance Bringing your vehicle in annually for auto tune-ups in Edmonton. A qualified mechanic can ensure that the proper annual maintenance is performed. Your manual will provide you with guidelines for when you should bring in your vehicle, but you should also do the following:

  • Change the Oil When Required - Your manual will specify how often you should change the oil, but you may need to bring your vehicle in more often if you drive it harder or put excessive miles on it each day. Make sure to have the oil and the filter checked regularly.

  • Check Fluid Levels - Your vehicle relies on fluids to maintain a cool engine, lubricate components, and more. All fluids should be at proper levels, including power steering, brake fluid, transmission, windshield washer fluid and antifreeze.

  • Keep an Eye on Tire Pressure - Your tire manufacturer will have specific air pressure limits for your tires. You should check your tire pressure at least once a month and adjust accordingly to avoid any tire blowouts or flats.

  • Inspect Engine Belts - Bring your vehicle in for a tune-up or inspect the belts yourself. There should be no cracks or missing segments, and if there are, take it to an Edmonton auto repair specialist right away. Timing belts and serpentine belts are critical and the most common ones to go out.

  • Check Your Battery - You should inspect or have your battery professionally inspected at least once a year. You should always know where your battery is in the vehicle in case you need to jumpstart it. The battery should not be leaking and there should be no mineral deposits or other buildup on the battery contacts. If there is, have them cleaned.

Take Your Vehicle in for Auto Repair in Edmonton When Needed Never put off repairs. If your vehicle has worn belts, brake pads or is making an odd noise, bring it in for repair right away. The longer you wait, the more damage could be done, and the costlier your repairs could be. Action Muffler Radiator & Brakes offers auto repair and maintenance services. Schedule your annual maintenance appointment at our North, South or West Edmonton locations. You can also contact us online with your questions and concerns.


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